Using Your Portal Account

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  • Viewing Your Exercises
  • Completing Registration
  • Printing Your Exercises
  • In you Client Portal Account you can view your exercises and complete assigned outcome measures.

    Viewing Your Exercises

    1.  First you will receive an email from your clinician.  When you open it, you will see this:  

    Click on the "Click here to view your exercise program"

    2.  You will be taken to this screen.  Enter your birth year or the four digit portal key your clinician gave you.  

    3.  You will be taken into your portal account where you will be able to view your exercises.  

    Completing Registration 

    Completing registration isn't necessary, however you will be able to log into your portal account without going through the email from your clinician.

    To complete registration:

    1.  Hit the hit the "Home" button

    2.  Hit the "Complete Registration" button 

    3.  Pick a Username.  If the Username you enter doesn't work try something else, it just means that username is already taken.

    4.  Chose your password.  Enter your password twice and make sure they match.  Hit register and you're done! 

    Printing Your Exercises

    When you open the email from your clinician you will be taken directly to the exercise program.  To print this exercise program:

    1.  Click on the "Print" button above your exercise program. 

    2.  A menu will drop down showing the print options.  You can view each of these formats by clicking on them and they will load in your computers print screen.  

    Once you found the format you like, follow your computers printing prompts.  

    To print previous exercises, head to the "Home" button and select the exercise set you want to print.  Follow the above steps to print the exercise set.  

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