Cliniko Integration

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  • Create Your Cliniko API Key
  • Add the Cliniko API Key to Your SimpleSet Account
  • Connect Your SimpleSet Account to Your Cliniko Account
  • 403 Error

  • Step 1: Create Your Cliniko API Key 
    1. Login to your Cliniko account.
    2. Click on "My info" in the lower-left corner of the screen (you may have to click on the up arrow to open the menu)
    3. Scroll down and click on "Manage API keys" (you may have to allow yourself to create API keys)
    4. Click "Add an API key".
    5. Enter "SimpleSet" as the name for your API key and press Create API key:

    6. Copy the API key and paste it somewhere safe (we're not done with it yet) 

    Step 2: Add the Cliniko API Key to Your SimpleSet Account

    1. Open this URL: (you may have to log in) 

    2.  In the drop down menu select "Cliniko Practice Management Software"

    3.  Paste in the API key and his "Save"

    Step 3: Connect Your SimpleSet Account to Your Cliniko Account

    1. Log in to your Cliniko account 

    2.  Go to Settings > Our Clinic > Integrations 

    3.  Scroll down to "Connected Patient Apps"

    4.  Enter "SimpleSet" in the "App name" section

    5. Enter this app URL in the "App URL"

    It should look like this:

    6.  Click "Save connected patient apps" 

    That's it!  Well done.  Some things to remember:

    1. In your Cliniko account you will see an "Open in SimpleSet" button for each of your patients

    2. Clicking this button will open the patient inside your SimpleSet account 

    a) You will need to be logged in to your SimpleSet account.

    b) If the patient already exists in your Cliniko account, the existing patient will be opened in your SimpleSet account (not re-added)

    c) When you assign a program in SimpleSet, it will be directly copied into the EMR

    403 Error

    • If the client that you are getting a 403 error code for was first added to SimpleSet by a colleague, the person that added the client is the "owner" of this client.  Ensure that your manager has allowed client sharing permissions in order to view this client 
    • Important if you are on a shared workstation:  When you click the "Open Patient in SimpleSet" button in Cliniko, it does not automatically log you into SimpleSet.  Instead it copies the patient details to whatever user is already logged into SimpleSet.  So double check that you are logged into the correct SimpleSet account, before you open patients from Cliniko.
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