Client Feedback

Client Feedback in SimpleSet is a great way to see how your client is doing at a glance.  

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  • Viewing Client Feedback
  • Your Clients View

  • Viewing Client Feedback

    The question the client is asked is "Tell your Care Provider how you are feeling today" and they are given 5 options.  

    1.  In the "Clients" tab you will see your clients that have reported on their exercise program in the last 48 hours. 

    Clients names that are in red mean they have reported negatively.  

    2.  Your client's reports will be graphed in order to have a quick idea how their exercises have been going over the course of their treatment.  

    Your Clients View

    Once your client logs into the Client Portal to view their exercises, they will see this:

    They have the option to "Skip" or they can select which face they feel suits them best for how their home exercise program is going.  

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