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  • How To Email an Exercise Set To Your Clients
  • Customize the Email
  • Using the CC Function
  • Managing Sent Emails

  • How To Email Your Exercise Set To Your Clients 

    1. When you have finished creating an Exercise Set, navigate to the 'Send' button at the top of the Exercise Editor.

    2.  If you have emailed the client before, search for their name in the "Search for an existing client" search bar.  If they are a new client, add their information in the "Create a New Client" feature.

    3.  Once you have the client either selected or entered, change the title of the program if you wish (ex. "Shoulder Exercises") and save.  

    4.  You will be prompted to electronically sign.  This confirms who the exercises are intended for and that they are prescribed by yourself.  

    Customize the Email 

    1. Edit the email body and signature to customize the email, then click 'Send'. (You can edit the default email body and signature in Customize Outgoing Email)

    2. Your clients will receive an email with a link to their exercise program 

    Using the CC Function

    1. Input a CC address above the body of the email. (You can set a default CC email for all sent emails in Customize Outgoing Email).

    This will send a receipt of sent exercises to any emails listed.  This just a receipt, so it does not include any exercise information.  If you insert your own email address into the default CC field, it's a handy way to confirm that you've sent a client's exercise program!

    2. The CC address will receive a notification that an email has been sent to the recipient's address:

    Managing Sent Emails

    Each email you send creates a Client Profile. You can manage your emails and clients in the Client Manager.  

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