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  • Creating a Team
  • Default Permissions for Team Members
  • Transferring a Team Member
  • Customize the Header, Footer, and Logo for Each Team

  • What are Teams?

    Teams are used to separate Staff accounts, usually into departments or locations. You can create as many Teams as you need. Staff accounts under each Team can easily share the Clinic Header and contact information, Exercises in their Team Tab and protocols in their Team Folders, however Staff accounts on separate Teams will not share this information with each other (Note- Teams can share protocols with each other using Organizational Folders).

    Creating a Team

    1. To create a Team, head to the "Teams" tab at the top. 

    2.  Select the "+Team" button to create a Team

    3.  Name the Team and "Save As".

    4. See Invite Staff Members to add them to your Team.

    Default Permissions for Team Members

    Once you have created a Team, you can set the Default Permissions that will automatically be applied to each Staff Member that is added.

    1.  Adjust the Permissions as you would like them to be automatically applied to new Staff Members.  Below are our Default permissions. 

    2.  When you Invite Staff Members to the Team, you will have the opportunity to confirm these Permissions.  You can also adjust for individual Staff Members if necessary later on.

    Transferring a Team Member 

    Each Staff Member must be assigned to a team.  When you invite a Staff Member to join SimpleSet, you will be asked to assign them to a team.  If you want to change this afterwards:

    1.  Find the Staff Member you want to assign to a new team and click on the "Team".

    2.  Click on the new Team you would like to assign them to.

    3. You will be asked if you want to transfer the client(s) associated with the Staff Member to the new Team or if you just want to transfer the Staff Member and keep the clients on the current Team.

    4.  If you select "Keep Clients at: Team #" a message will pop up prompting you to choose a new Staff Member to assign the clients to.

    Customize the Header, Footer, and Logo for Each Team 

    1.  Make your way to the "Teams" tab at the top.

    2.  You will now see a list of your Teams.  To edit the Header, Footer, and Logo of each Team find the "Header" section on the far right.  Click on the (None) to edit.  ("None" means you do not have a Team Header assigned yet).  

    3.  Add your contact information into the three lines provided.  Click on "Upload Logo" to enter your clinic's logo.

    4.  Once that's done, hit "Ok".  Your Header and Logo will now appear on client printouts and online programs.

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