Sharing Protocols With Your Organization (Multiple Teams)

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  • Managing Organization Folder Permissions
  • How To Create an Organization Folder
  • How To Add Content to the Folder

  • Managing Organization Folder Permissions 

    An Organization Folder is a shared folder that all Staff can access, even if they are on different teams.  Learn how to Manage the Organization Folder Permissions here

    How To Create an Organization Folder

    1.  Head to the "Folders" tab.

    2.  Under "Organization" click "Add" to create a folder.

    3.  Name the folder and "Save As".

    How to Add Content to the Folder 

    1.  Build your exercise program in the Designer and hit "Save".

    2.  You will be asked where you want to save, either a folder or to a client.  Click on "To Folder".

    3.  Name your exercise set and select the folder you want it saved in. 

    Hit "Save" and you're done! 

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