Using the Client Manager

All the information about your client, including their Exercise Sets, is displayed in the Client Manager.

Active Clients

1.  To access your client's profile, search for your client in the search bar.  From here you can view previously prescribed Exercise Sets, Client Activity or completed Outcome Measures.  

2.  In the Exercise Sets tab you will see previously prescribed Exercise Sets.  Within each Exercise Set you can view a summary, load into the designer or view the history.

  1. The toggle function in the "Client Portal" section allows you to show or hide that Exercise Set in the Client Portal.  The "Views" show you how many times the client has viewed that Exercise Set.  
  2. In the Client Activity tab you will see the activity your client has logged.

Editing Client Info 

If your clients information changes, head to their profile as outlined above.

1.  Click on the Edit icon within their profile

2. Enter their new info and save!

Archived Clients 

Archiving Clients files away clients that are no longer active so you can focus on your current clients.  

To archive a client, right click and choose Archive.

If your client returns to see you and you want to unarchive their profile, head to Archived, right click and choose Unarchive  They are now in your active client list.

Client Locked Out of Portal

If your Client enters their Portal Key incorrectly 5 times, they will be locked out of the Client Portal. To re-enable their exercise set, follow these steps: 

1.  Go into the Client's profile in SimpleSet 

2.  The Exercise Set will be disabled and look like this - with the toggle turned off

3.  To re-enable the Exercise Set and regain access for your Client, toggle the set back on 

4.  It should now look like this:

Instruct your Client to log back in as normal and they should have access.

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