How to Send Outcome Measures to Clients

Outcome Measures

1.  To send and view outcome measures, head to the Client Manager or the "Clients" tab at the top.  Select the "Outcome Measures" tab and the clients name.  

2.  To send an outcome measure, click on the "Outcome Measure" button.  

3.  You will then be able to pick the outcome measure you want for your client.  If the standardized outcome measure you want isn't there please let us know, don't be shy! 

4.  Once you choose the standardized outcome measure for your client, you will then be asked how often you want to send it - just once or at intervals.  If you know you will be asking your client to fill out the outcome measure frequently, the intervals function this is a handy way to do it for you, so you don't have to remember.  

5.  Chose what days you want the outcome measure to be sent and the frequency

6.  First, enter when you want the outcome measure to no longer be accessible and a schedule on a calendar will populate.  This is easily adjustable if need be - just click on the dates you don't want the outcome measure to be sent to de-select them, and click on the dates you do want.  Once your dates are set, hit "Save and Schedule" and you're set! 

7.  If you need to go back and adjust the dates after you have saved and sent, click on the outcome measure you sent, scroll down, and adjust the dates just like in the previous step.  Hit "Save Changes to Schedule" and that's it! 

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