How to Use TeleHealth

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  • Using TeleHealth
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  • Using TeleHealth

    TeleHealth is a great way to keep in touch with your client remotely.  To meet with your client remotely:

    1.  To use TeleHealth, your client must have an associated email address and be in the Active Clients list.  If they are archived, unarchive them to use this feature (If you're not sure how to do that, go to Using the Client Manager. :)

    2.  Click on the TeleHealth icon and a brief security message and instructions will pop up.

    Once you hit "Continue", the TeleHealth window will automatically open.  You are now able to meet with your client.  

    What The Client Sees

    1.  When you click the TeleHealth button, an email will be sent to your client with the TeleHealth link.  The client will open the email, follow the link, and will be directly connected with you.  This is what their email looks like:

    2.  When the client opens the link, they will be asked to give consent.  The notification looks like this:

    3. After consenting  the "Begin" button will pop up.  Once they click "Begin" you are now meeting face to face.  

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