Using The Template Manager

Creating a Folder

1.  Select the Templates icon.

2.  Click + Folder to create a folder within a section. 

3.  Name your folder and hit Save.

Adding Exercise Sets to Your Folder

1.  To add an Exercise Set to your folder first create an Exercise Set in the Designer. When it's ready, hit the Save button.

2.  You will be asked where you want to save your exercise set to.  Select "As Template".

3.  First select which folder you want your Exercise Set saved in.

4.  Title your Exercise Set and "Save".

Creating a Subfolder, Deleting, and Renaming

1. Go to "Templates" and select the folder you want to create a subfolder in.  Hover over the title and the hamburger menu on the right will show up.  Select Add Subfolder (or Delete, or Edit)

2.  Name the folder and hit Save.

Autosaved Drafts

SimpleSet autosaves your work every 15 seconds, so you never lose your progress. Your autosaved Exercise Sets can be found in Drafts.

Moving Contents Between Folders

Move contents between folders by dragging and dropping your Exercise Set from one folder to the other.

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