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  • Creating a Folder
  • Adding Exercises to Your Folder
  • Creating a Sub Folder
  • Deleting and Renaming a Folder
  • Autosaved Drafts
  • Moving Contents Between Folders

  • Creating a Folder

    1.  Select the "Folders" icon 

    2.  The "Personal" folder will be automatically selected.  Think of this as your own folder that only you have access to.  This is where you can create and save exercise plans or your protocols.  

    3.  To create a folder, hit the "Add" button and enter a title name for your folder (ex. "Knee Programs").  Hit "Save as ____" to create the folder. 

    Adding Exercise Sets to Your Folder

    1.  To add an Exercise Set to your folder first create an Exercise Set in the Designer. When it's ready, hit the save button. 

    2.  You will be asked where you want to save it - hit "To Folder" 

    3.  First select which folder you want your Exercise Set saved in.

    4.  Title your Exercise Set and "Save".

    Creating a Sub Folder

    1. Go to "Folders" and select the folder you want a sub folder in. Click the "Add" button.

    2.  Name the folder and hit save.  Add Exercise Sets as outlined above.

    Deleting and Renaming a Folder

    You can delete folders by opening the folder and clicking the X beside the "Add" button.  This can only be done if the folder is empty (This is a safety feature so that you don't lose any of your work :)

    Rename the folder by clicking the "Rename" button and saving.

    Autosaved Drafts

    SimpleSet autosaves your work every 15 seconds, so you never lose your progress. Your autosaved Exercise Sets can be found in Drafts.

    Moving Contents Between Folders

    Move contents between folders by dragging and dropping your exercise set from one folder to the other.  

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