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Adding Exercises 

1.  Make your way to the "Designer" tab

2.  Drag and drop what you need from the Exercise Database into the Designer.  Pro Tip: To select and drag multiple exercises at once, use 'Command + Click' (Mac) or 'Control + Click' (PC).

Adding Parameters 

1.  Click on the title of the exercise to open it.  A menu will open underneath where you will enter the parameters.

2. To add the same parameters to more than one exercise, open the "Parameters" tab.

Select the exercises you want to add the parameters to and enter on the right hand side.  Once done hit "Apply to Selection."

Editing Text 

You can edit any text within the exercise to customize it for your client.

1.  Open the exercise by clicking on the title.  You can then click on any text to customize it.

Flipping Images Left/Right 

1.  To flip exercise images left/right, click on this icon.

Rearranging Exercises 

1.  Use the arrow icon to drag and drop the exercises into the order you want. (GIF)

Adding a Cover Sheet

Cover sheets can be helpful for adding education information and instructions to an Exercise Program. The information you entered will show up at the top of your client's online Exercise Set and the first page of a PDF or print out.  

1.  Click the "+ Cover" button.  Enter the title of your Exercise Set in the first line and instructions in the second line. 

Once you've entered your title and instructions, click away to close the cover sheet editor.  


Dividers are used to separate content and add clarity in an Exercise Set. For example, you could label a Divider "Strength" so your Client knows which exercises are the strengthening ones, and any special instructions you'd like.  

1.  Find the "+ Divider" button at the top of the Designer.

2.  Open the Divider to edit the contents.

Once you are done, use the side arrow to drag and drop the Divider where you need it.

Autosaved Drafts

SimpleSet autosaves your work in the Designer every 15 seconds so you never lose your Exercise Sets in progress! To find your Autosaved drafts, navigate to the Folder Manager.

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