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  • How to Create a Stack
  • How to Edit the Contents of a Stack
  • Deleting a Stack
  • Duplicating a Stack
  • How to Access Your Stack

  • Stacks are a group of content that you like to assign together and use frequently. With one click, you can prescribe multiple exercises at once.  This is a great feature if you like to prescribe supersets! 

    How To Create a Stack

    To create a Stack, click on the "+ Stack" button on the left.  

    Enter the exercise you want in your stack into the exercise editor.  From here, select all the exercises either by dragging across all of them as shown below, or selecting each one individually by clicking on the circle on the left.  Drag and drop these exercises into the "Exercises" portion of the stack.  

    To find your Stack, search for the name of it in the All or Personal tabs.  

    How To Edit the Contents of a Stack

    1. Click on your Stack to open it. You can change the order and edit individual exercises within the Stack.

    Pro Tip: Enter your parameters ahead of time for instant prescription when you add the Stack in the Designer!   

    Deleting a Stack

    1.  To delete the entire Stack, open the Stack and hit the top garbage icon, like this:

    Duplicating a Stack

    1. The "Duplicate" function is useful if you want to create a similar but slightly different Stack, like substituting one exercise for another.  

    To duplicate a Stack, open the Stack and click the "Dup" button.  This will create a second stack exactly the same.  

    How To Access Your Stack

    1.  Search for the name of your Stack in the Search Bar from within the All or Personal tab.

    Pro Tip: You can filter by Stacks in the Personal tab by using the checkmarks.

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