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  • Parameter Tags
  • Naming an Exercise Set
  • Undo and Redo
  • Duplicating an Exercise Set
  • Rearranging Exercises
  • Swapping Exercise Images
  • Changing Exercise Image Thumbnail

  • Parameter Tags

    Parameter tags make adding common parameters quick and easy.  To use parameter tags:

    1.  Head to the "Parameter" tag in the Exercise Editor

    2.  Open the Parameters function and enter your desired parameters

    3.  Right underneath "Apply to Selection" there is "Save as Preset" (you might have to scroll down) 

    4.  Scroll back up to the top, and your Parameter Tag will be ready for you at the top 

    5.  To add this Parameter to your exercise(s), select the exercise(s) you want to add it to by clicking on the Circle icon on the left of the exercise 

    6.  And then clicking on the Parameter tag you just set 

    Naming an Exercise Set

    Naming an Exercise Set is handy when working with multiple programs and when you are saving or sending the Exercise Set.  

    To name the Exercise Set:

    1.  Find the "Untitled" tab at the top of your program and click on the word

    2.  A window will pop up for you to rename your exercise set.  Hit the blue button to save the title.

    Now when you go to email or save your Exercise Set, you will not be prompted to title your Exercise Set again.  

    Undo and Redo

    When editing your exercise set, you may make a mistake.  This can easily be undone with our "Undo" and "Redo" features.  

    To Undo an action:

    1.  Find the menu button at the top of the exercise editor

    2.  You can now Undo your actions one at a time.  

    To Redo an action:

    1.  Click on the "Redo" button to restore what you have Undone.  

    Duplicating an Exercise Set 

    1.  Once you've built your Exercise Set, find the Menu icon at the top of the Exercise Set 

    2.  Find the "Dup" button to duplicate your exercise set 

    3.  Your Duplicated exercise set will be labeled "Copied."  You can now rename this and save and send to other clients 

    Rearranging Exercises 

    In your Starred and Personal tabs you can rearrange the order that your exercises are displayed in.  

    1.  Grab the "arrow" icon in the top left of the exercise and drag and drop your exercise where you want it to go.  

    Swapping Exercise Images 

    You can take exercise images from one exercise and input it into another exercise.  To do this:

    1.  Have the exercise that you want to add images to in the exercise editor.  

    2.  Grab the image from the "donor" exercise (don't click on the arrow icon, just click on the image itself) and drag and drop it into the new exercise.  From there you can move the images around as you need.  

    Tip: To save your new custom exercise, drag and drop the exercise from your exercise editor into your "Personal" tab 

    Changing Exercise Image Thumbnail

    1.  Using the arrow icon, drag and drop the image you want as the thumbnail into the "first" spot (top left).  

    2.  Once you have your desired image in the correct spot, find the "Change Image" button in between the exercise and the Parameters.  Click on this to change the image of the thumbnail 

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